Spring Sprinkler System Maintenance for Your Michigan Lawn

The sprinkler system in your lawn is one of the most important parts of your lawn. Giving your grass access to all the water it needs is absolutely essential to the health and well-being of the lawn. In order to protect this important investment, maintenance and upkeep are essential. Here are a few tips on spring sprinkler system maintenance so you can safely start up your sprinkler system this spring.

When Should I Start Up My Sprinkler System?

Wait for the last frost of the year before doing your spring sprinkler system maintenance here in Michigan.
Here in Michigan, we all know that if you have a sprinkler system, then it better be winterized in the fall. If you don’t have your sprinkler system professionally winterized, then expect to be repairing damage or replacing the system in the spring. As the temperatures warm up this spring, make sure you wait for the perfect time to start up your system.

One of the most common questions we hear every year is, “When should I start up my sprinkler system in the spring?” The truth is, the best time to start up your sprinkler system changes every year. Typically, the best time is in the late spring but it’s important to wait until there is no more morning frost and the average low temperatures are consistently above freezing.

How To Start Up a Sprinkler System in the Spring

The first step in your spring sprinkler system maintenance is to safely start it up. This process isn’t as difficult as some believe, but it’s always important to be sure you know what to expect before getting started. Here are a few tips to help you with this essential spring sprinkler system maintenance task.

First, you need to close the water spigot on the backflow of the sprinkler system. Find this spigot outside, usually near where the water leaves your house. After you’ve closed the spigot, turn on the water by accessing the main water valve. You can find the main water valve inside your home. Usually, it’s in the basement, near where the water lines leave the home. Don’t panic if you hear loud noises or see some water leaking from the top of the backflow. This is normal as the pipes become pressurized. Monitor the pipes until the noises and leaking stop. If, for whatever reason, the noises and leaking don’t stop, turn the water supply on and off, quickly. This helps pressurize the pipes.

Checking Your System for Damage

After the water has been turned on and the pressure returns, don’t just run all of the sprinklers at once. It’s important to check the irrigation system zone by zone for any damage or issues. This is the moment that will tell you if your irrigation system was properly winterized in the fall. Some of the common sprinkler issues found in the spring are broken sprinkler heads and ruptured lines. If you find any issues, make sure to call for sprinkler system repair services near you.

Grosse Ile Lawn Sprinkler & Fertilizing Can Help With Spring Sprinkler System Maintenance

This spring, trust the experts at Grosse Ile Lawn Sprinkler & Fertilizing with all of your spring sprinkler system maintenance. Not only do we offer spring start-up services, but we also offer installation, maintenance, and winterization services. Partner with Grosse Ile Lawn Sprinkler & Fertilizing for year-round care for your irrigation system.

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