Spring Pests That Can Kill Your Lawn

The spring season has almost officially arrived here in Michigan and everyone is out and about more than ever – including pests who want to make a home in our lawn and end up killing it. grubs in soilBetween spring sports and making time for yourself to enjoy the outdoors, you may not be brushed up on what the signs of lawn pests are.

Taking the time to learn the common lawn pests in our area and ensuring that we understand the early signs of infestation can lead to saving money and a headache. Read along to start with the basics and understand how you can lead your long to success – without any pests involved!

White Grubs

Starting with the most common pest in lawns throughout the united states – white grubs are tiny larvae that can take down a lawn in no time. These little guys are stealthy and they move quickly. The signs of grub infestation are pretty easy to spot. First, the blades of your lawn will wilt and will turn brown, creating a path of brown patches throughout the yard. The feel of your grass will turn spongy to the touch. After a while, grubs will develop further and begin to attract other pests like moles as well.

The Hairy Chinch Bugs

With a unique and comical name like the Hairy Chinch Bug, it should be an easy one for you to remember. This bug will lay two entire generations of chinch bugs over the growing season of your turf. The Hairy Chinch Bugs eggs only take 20 to 30 days to hatch, allowing for the most damage to be done over the course of the growing season. Another interesting name for this bug could be the rainbow bug because, during its time in your turf, it can turn Sod Webworm Mothyour lawn purple, yellow, and then brown.

The Sod Webworm

Another common pest in the Michigan area that can do some damage to your beloved lawn. This pest can go through three generations of lifecycles each growing season, which makes it extremely damaging. This pest grows about one inch long and can cause your turf to develop large brown patches throughout. You may notice that the Sod Webworm will attract more birds to your yard than normal because they will be looking for worms to feed on.

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