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The world of lawn care isn’t known to many but, once you scratch the surface, you’ll see that a little knowledge can go a very long way in helping you understand and maintain your yard. Check out some of our articles below and learn a little more about the green spaces that surround your home.

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Common Weeds in Michigan (With Pictures)

Weeds in your lawn can lead to a patchy, brown yard.  Not only are they unsightly, but some weeds can also be poisonous or otherwise harmful. Knowing which weeds are common in Michigan will help you identify them so you can take steps to prevent and remove them.

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How to Keep Mosquitoes Away This Summer

Don't allow mosquitoes to ruin your Michigan summer. We talk about the different remedies available, including both commercial and at home. For ultimate protection, contact the professionals at Grosse Ile Lawn Sprinkler and Fertilizing.

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