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Summertime Mosquito Control for Michigan Lawns

Don’t allow mosquitoes to ruin your Michigan summer. We talk about the different remedies available, including both commercial and at home. For ultimate protection, contact the professionals at Grosse Ile Lawn Sprinkler and Fertilizing.

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Three Pests That Will Ruin Your Home

While there are a number of pests that will drive you nuts, few will do the trick like bed bugs and cockroaches, and almost none will be as destructive as termites. Let’s explore the damages and issues that these two pests will cause when they invade your home:   Termites Causing five billion dollars in… Read more »

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Finding Lawn Care That Works for You

Each lawn is different, even in Michigan. So creating a lawn care regimen that works well for your yard can be a feat. Sometimes it can feel like you will never be able to obtain that inviting, green, picture-perfect lawn you have always dreamed about having outside your home or business.    There are a… Read more »

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How to Stop Spring Pests from Invading Your Outdoor Space

While there are a number of insects during the spring and summer that can drive people insane, Michigan is unfortunately covered in the most annoying pest known to man: the mosquito. This creates an extremely high need for proper pest control in our area of Southeast Michigan.  Pesky pests are all around the area, and… Read more »

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Michigan Spring Sprinkler Tips

Winter in Michigan can be overextended and harsh! Your sprinkler system most likely will require some tender loving care and attention for them to work properly throughout the hot, humid Michigan summer. Your garden and Michigan lawn care will undoubtedly need some extra hydration through the humid months. There are a number of things that… Read more »

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Spring sprinkler system maintenance is essential to the beginning of your spring lawn care in Michigan.

Spring Sprinkler System Maintenance for Your Michigan Lawn

The sprinkler system in your lawn is one of the most important parts of your lawn. Giving your grass access to all the water it needs is absolutely essential to the health and well-being of the lawn. In order to protect this important investment, maintenance and upkeep are essential. Here are a few tips on spring sprinkler system maintenance so you can safely start up your sprinkler system this spring.

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How To Identify and Prevent Common Causes of Winter Kill in Michigan

Winter kill is a chilling term used to describe all winter lawn damage that causes damage or death to the grass and plants in your yard. Here in Michigan, with our long and frigid winters, our lawns have a lot to contend with. Violent snowstorms, freezing ice storms, dangerously cold temperatures, moisture-stealing wind, and hungry critters are just a few of the common causes of winter kill. Here are a few tips to identify these causes of winter kill so you know how to react and how to prevent.

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2020 Lawn Care Preparation: How to Plan Your Lawn Care

Preparation is important for most things that you might want to do and that includes lawn care. If you want to see your grass transform, your lawn to fill in, and the weeds to disappear, then now is a great time to prepare. Here are a few tips to help with your 2020 lawn care preparation.

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