Winter Pests: What to Look For to Keep Your Home Safe

While Michigan summers are full of mosquitoes and spiders and bees (oh my), it doesn’t mean all pests simply disappear when the first cold front hits the state. Unfortunately, pests in the termite damagemitten state can be a huge problem the entire year. That’s why when the first snowfall comes, it is still important to keep an eye out for the signs of infestations.

There are a wide variety of bugs that can attack your home during the cool-season, and here is what you should be looking out for:


Unfortunately, they don’t hibernate for the winter. But they do hideout and are pretty discreet. These little pests can lay eggs and reproduce until late February, which makes January the prime time to keep your eyes and ears open to the damage that termites can create. The first step to stopping these creatures is to identify the presence of termites, which can be done by comparing the look of the bug to a photo or by having a consultant come check it out. A consultant would be necessary before work can be done to stop them.


That’s right. Bed bugs actually thrive in the cold weather, and that is when you will likely see them come home with you – whether it is from a hotel or another person’s house. These little pests are sneaky and will latch onto anything they can, reproducing at alarming rates and infecting any piece of fabric they come into contact with.

The Asian Lady Beetle Asian beetle

Sometimes referred to as a ladybug, this pest seeks out indoor spaces to warm up for the winter. Rather than migrate, the Asian Lady Beetle will creep its way into your home and find bright light to keep warm until you find it. While normal, store-bought perimeter pest control sprays may keep this bug out, if the infestation gets too large and out of hand, professional help may be needed.

Box Elder Bugs

While these pests will generally come into your home during the fall and hike back outdoors during the winter, it’s not out of character for them to overstay their welcome. To identity, the Box Elder Bug, look for the black flat pest with the red stripes down its back. They are about 1/4 of an inch long, so tough to spot – but they travel in packs so you will likely see them.

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We know that with the COVID-19 numbers rising, that people will be indoors this winter for a much longer time than usual. There is little traveling going on in the world and here at Grosse Ile Lawn Sprinkler and Feritlization, we know that everyone deserves a safe, pest-free home to wait out this pandemic

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