Is your Southeast Michigan lawn failing to thrive, no matter how much you weed and fertilize? You may need to reconsider your irrigation routine. At Grosse Ile Lawn Sprinkler & Fertilizing, we know that while fertilization and weeding are essential, proper and consistent irrigation is the foundation of every strong, healthy, and vibrant lawn.

Grosse Ile Lawn Sprinkler & Fertilizing: We Specialize in Irrigation

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Grosse Ile Lawn first opened our doors in 1986, offering irrigation and sprinkler maintenance as our only lawn care services. We’ve added a multitude of treatments and applications over the last 33-plus years; however, irrigation and sprinkler maintenance services remain at the very core of our operations.

Grosse Ile Lawn proudly offers general maintenance and service for all types of irrigation systems:


Pipe connection for a sprinkler system before being buried.

Grosse Ile Lawn’s team of skilled and experienced technicians manages the entire installation process for properties accessing both pump and city water. We exclusively use the Hunter and Rainbird systems. Why? Because they are the best products available. Rainbird uses high-performing rain sensors and an intuitive, user-friendly app that sets it apart as a leader in the irrigation market. Residential, commercial, even condominium systems — our crew will work with you to determine the best placement of each sprinkler based on the layout and configuration of your lawn to reduce waste and maximize results.

Spring Start-Ups

A tech in knee deep water installing an irrigation system

Your irrigation system requires specialized care and maintenance after a long, harsh Southeast Michigan winter. Grosse Ile Lawn’s Spring Start-Up program works on all irrigation systems. We’ll assign a 2-to-4-man crew to:

  • Energize the system
  • Inspect the pump and/or backflow preventer
  • Test and adjust heads on every zone
  • Flag needed repairs and submit a proposal for approval
  • Set timer based on seasonal needs

Note: For pump systems, intake pipe will be set and staked off, circuit breaker turned on, and pump will be primed.

Fall Shutdown

Close up of grass blades with water droplets

Once the irrigation season ends, Grosse Ile’s technicians return to shut down your sprinkler system for the winter. Once again, we maintain all system types. Our fall routine includes:

  • Water turnoff
  • Zone blowout using compressed air
  • Backflow preventer or pump bled and prepped for winter
  • Timer turned off
  • All of our shutdowns are guaranteed

Note: For pump systems, the intake pipe will be disconnected, drained, and taped off, the circuit breaker will be turned off, and the MV (master valve) wire will be disconnected at the controller to prepare for winter.

Additional Services

Grosse Ile Lawn offers additional irrigation services:

  • Wire tracking and valve locating
  • Wireless rain sensors installed on any new or existing system
  • Micro-irrigation for landscape beds, annual plantings, and hanging baskets

Best of all, Grosse Ile Lawn achieved our Backflow Testing certification this year. This means we have a trained individual who is certified to perform backflow testing that is mandated by the state and local municipalities.

Southeast Michigan Locals Love Our VIP Irrigation Program

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At Grosse Ile Lawn, we prioritize customer convenience. We offer an automated VIP Irrigation Program that delivers:

  • Automatic startup/shutdown
  • Early spring pre-scheduling begins in April
  • We will call, email, or text you to confirm appointments
  • The VIP programs automatically renew for your convenience and peace of mind

Grosse Ile Lawns’ VIP customers even qualify for a prepay discount. Contact us today to hear more.

We Partner with Local Home and Business Owners

Grosse Ile Lawn Sprinkler & Fertilizer services several cities and towns in Wayne County and across several other local communities including:

Woodhaven, Michigan

Collaborating with Woodhaven residents to create a results-driven solution that breathes new life into their yards, beds, and gardens.

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Flat Rock, Michigan

Leading the way in the Flat Rock market as a trusted partner for all things lawn & sprinkler, fertilizing, and more.

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Brownstown, Michigan

Transforming Brownstown lawns, yards, and landscaping with our unparalleled customer care and expertise

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Trenton, Michigan

Partnering with Trenton home and business owners to revitalize their properties with our full suite of services.

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Grosse Ile, Michigan

Serving the people of our hometown since 1986 to keep the community’s natural beauty as elegant as possible.

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