The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Lighting Installation Company

While it may seem too early to start thinking about holiday lighting, chances are you have already witnessed Christmas decor displayed everywhere throughout department stores. Once fall hits here in Michigan, time seems to pass by without a word and before you know it, Thanksgiving is upon us, and we suddenly become stressed and overwrought with holiday tasks.

You know the old saying when one light goes out, they all go out. Hanging Christmas decorations is considered the most stressful holiday task for both residents and businesses. Most of us aren’t designers by nature or electricians for that matter, and pulling out the ladder and getting up on the roof is not everyone’s forte. Why risk it?

There are many reasons hiring a professional company is beneficial, but don’t wait too long to decide. Our crews and experienced designers are already out in your neighborhood, providing quotes, and you don’t want to be left behind.


Why is Hiring a Professional So Beneficial?house decorated with holiday lights

For Safety Reasons
Let’s face it, putting up Christmas decorations can be dangerous. Every year, thousands of Michiganders hurt themselves, trying to hang up lights and decorations. Local emergency centers get packed with people who have fallen off ladders or are burnt by faulty wires. We often hear in the news about homes that have caught on fire due to dried out Christmas trees. To ensure both you and your home’s safety, make sure all of your lights, including the strings and extension cords, are marked correctly for outdoor use. In addition, check to ensure that the extension cords amperage matches the amperage of your decorations. These are great tips if you insist on doing it yourself. However, you can avoid all of this by hiring a professional holiday lighting service.

With Grosse Ile Lawn Sprinkler and Fertilizer, we upload a photo of your building into our software application. It helps us to create a holiday lighting design and quote as our starting point. We take into consideration your landscaping, architecture, and surrounding neighborhood. We will find out your likes and dislikes, including the colors you prefer, style, talk about your budget, and collaborate with you to design the perfect layout.

A professional holiday lighting company will use only the best professional-grade products for your design. Our high-quality LED bulbs are built to withstand both the elements and years of use. You won’t have to purchase new lighting products year after year, and these products will look great for years to come.

No Need to Worry About Storage
Just what you need, more storage containers. And do we ever really know what is in each of them? Never worry about having to find space for storage again. A professional lighting company will store your lights in a climate-controlled storage facility. Before each year’s installation, Grosse Ile Lawn and Sprinkler test all lights before installing to confirm everything is working up to the performance.

Maintenanceman on a ladder hanging holiday lights
You never have to worry about a burnt-out bulb again. Did Santa blow off your roof leaving, the reindeer to man their own sleigh? Never fear. Our technicians are used to working in Michigan winters and understand the cold, blustery winters we have to deal with. When your lights have been professionally installed by a holiday lighting company, you don’t have to find a replacement bulb or climb on the ladder to put Santa back, we do it all for you.

Hassle-free Timers
We can help or install a hassle-free timer that can be set at a specific time every night, so you don’t have to worry about turning off the lights.

This the season for the Lions! While we may not have the Big Ten to focus on this year, there is nothing you would rather do on a Sunday afternoon than watch the Lions make scores. We understand. That’s why we handle the decorating for you.

Save Time
Most importantly, you have enough to do during the holidays. Shopping, wrapping, baking, caroling, who has time for it all? Hiring a professional holiday lighting service takes one more item off of that already crazy to-do list. This year, avoid the hassle, time, and frustration and spend more time with your loved ones and friends.


Hire the Professionals at Grosse Ile Lawn, Sprinkler, and Fertilization

If we haven’t convinced you why hiring a company to install your holiday lights this year is the way to go, call us and find out more. We partner with both residential homes and business owners. We even work with municipalities. We love spreading holiday joy throughout Grosse Ile and beyond. Best of all, Grosse Ile Lawn’s holiday lighting installs are part of our robust leasing program. That means we supply everything. We provide the lights, custom fit the roofline, make our own power cords, and even include service calls if any of our products aren’t working properly. Once the season ends, our crew returns to take everything down for optimal convenience.

Contact the Grosse Ile team today to learn more. Call us at 734-285-4470 or go online. Get more tips and ideas by catching up with our blog or check us out and follow us on Facebook.

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