Finding Lawn Care That Works for You

Each lawn is different, even in Michigan. So creating a lawn care regimen that works well for your yard can be a feat. Sometimes it can feel like you will never be able to obtain that inviting, green, picture-perfect lawn you have always dreamed about having outside your home or business. 


There are a variety of things that you might want to include while creating a lawn care routine that works for you. You have to consider the health and wellness of your soil and roots, how often you will want to water, how to check for pests and what to do when they inevitably invade your lawn. The list doesn’t stop there, and neither do the needs of your yard. Being sure that you have everything to create an environment where your lawn can thrive is essential! 


Whittling Away the WeedsDandelions growing on a lawn

Michigan has a long history of dandelions, crabgrass, and a whole lot of other weeds that can easily cause your lawn to be run down. It’s almost impossible to completely avoid weeds, especially in our area. Preventative methods are the best action to take when considering which approach is best, but removal is critical as well. Allowing one small patch of weeds to stay put can harm the rest of your lawn. Using anti-weed treatments throughout the season should do the trick when it comes to keeping your yard clean and clear during the warmer months.


Feed with Fertilization 

Your lawn needs to eat just like your family does! It becomes natural to think your grass only needs water to grow, but that’s not all it needs, especially when spring and summer roll around. Complete lawn care should come with a set schedule of different kinds of fertilizers applied over the summer-fall. When using fertilizer, you want to make sure it’s the proper one for your lawn, so it can be a good idea to consult with one of our lawn care professionals. 


Don’t Play with Pests Japanese beetle on a leaf

Pests are pretty common in Michigan, with grubs being the most common. They appear from the eggs of a Japanese beetle and feed off the healthy roots and soil underneath your grass. Once this process happens, it’s pretty tough to stop. So not unlike weed control, preventative methods are going to be your best bet. When considering adding pest control to your lawn care routine, be sure to check for browning patches of your lawn, rolled soil that cannot be saved, and dead spots that seem to be revived. These are signs of early grub damage, and you will want to treat it right away.


Calling For Help | Grosse Ile Lawn Sprinkler & Fertilization

Treating your Michigan lawn is a big task, and you might want to consider asking professionals for help. We know each lawn care regimen will differ from home to home, and we will take the time to create the perfect one for you and your space. 

You can reach us at (734) 285-4470 visit our contact page for a consultation appointment. You can even find us on Facebook if you want to look us up for some more information about our services.

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