2020 Lawn Care Preparation: How to Plan Your Lawn Care

Preparation is important for most things that you might want to do and that includes lawn care. If you want to see your grass transform, your lawn to fill in, and the weeds to disappear, then now is a great time to prepare. Here are a few tips to help with your 2020 lawn care preparation.

Start a Consistent Lawn Fertilization Schedule

Having a consistent fertilization schedule for your lawn is a game-changer. That’s why the first part of your 2020 lawn care preparation is planning your lawn fertilization. Having a well-fertilized lawn makes a world of difference for your lawn health. Well-fertilized lawns are less likely to develop fungi, lawn diseases, and pests. Fertilization strengthens your grass, making it less likely to be affected by seasonal stresses.
One of the keys to your 2020 lawn care preparation is establishing a solid fertilization plan for your Grosse Ile, MI lawn.
When it comes to lawn fertilization, it’s important to get the nutrient and the timing right. Ill-timed applications of fertilizer, or using the wrong fertilizer, often results in extensive lawn damage. Start your year with a spring lawn fertilizer that focuses on helping the lawn wake up from winter dormancy. Give your lawn a fertilizer in the summer to help it deal with the heat and drought conditions of our Michigan summers. Help your lawn prepare for the winter with a winterization fertilizer in the fall to boost root growth and nutrient absorption.

It’s always good to ask for help when you need it, especially when it comes to the science of lawn fertilization. A lawn care program from Grosse Ile Lawn Sprinkler & Fertilizer ensures your lawn gets everything it needs at the perfect time.

Be Persistent With Your Weed Control

Being persistent with your weed control is something to add to your 2020 lawn care preparation. Weeds never give up their attempts to invade and overrun your lawn. That means your weed control needs to be just as persistent. A lawn that’s full of weeds is weaker than a weed-free lawn. Competition for resources causes immense stress for your grass. A weed infestation leaves your lawn open to other threats, like pests, lawn disease, fungi, and more weeds.

Common Weeds in Michigan Lawns

With persistent weed control, you can free your lawn from the stresses of a weed infestation. Start your persistent weed control as early as you can. Use a pre-emergent weed control in the early spring because this removes the threat of overwintering weed seeds. Use spot-treatments of post-emergent weed spray to prevent weeds from spreading in the spring and summer. To beat the second bloom of broadleaf weeds, use broadleaf weed control in the fall. These steps help you take your lawn back from the thieving weeds.

Refresh Your Lawn With Core Aeration

The final step to take in your 2020 lawn care preparation is to schedule your yearly core aeration service. At the end of the year, your lawn needs aeration to refresh it and relieve it of the compacted soil that develops over time. Soil compaction leads to problems like water run-off, pooling water, bare patches, and thinning turf. It restricts the flow of air, water, and nutrients down to the roots. Soil compaction even hinders the roots from spreading out and growing.

With an aeration service, once per year, from Grosse Ile Lawn Sprinkler & Fertilizing, you can refresh your lawn and boost its health. Using an aerator machine, our experts remove thousands of tiny cores of hard, compacted soil from your lawn. Your roots will be able to grow freely, spreading out and diving deep to strengthen the turf. Air, water, and nutrients are free to flow through the loose soil, down to the roots. Ultimately, aeration revitalizes your lawn, making it an essential lawn care service to add to your 2020 lawn care preparation.

Let Grosse Ile Lawn Sprinkler & Fertilizing Help With Your 2020 Lawn Care Preparation

If you want to complete your 2020 Lawn care preparation, then it’s time to call Grosse Ile Lawn Sprinkler & Fertilizing. Our lawn care program and aeration services help your lawn achieve perfect health throughout the year. Call to have your sprinkler system start-up service scheduled too.

Don’t wait any longer! Call us today for information on how to get started at (734) 285-4470 or request a quote here. If you’re looking for the latest and greatest tips in lawn care, pest control, irrigation, or more, then check out our blog. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with our current offerings and the latest news.

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